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The Bakelite Radio is possibly the worlds longest running vintage radio website, being online since 1996. We are dedicated to being the premier online resource to find circuit diagrams, photos, identification information, restored examples and photos, repair and test suggestions and to find spare parts for their vintage radio, ,audio and music projectsfor vintage radio repair facilities, manufacturers, museums andenthusiastic private collectors .


All the Radio Names on the left have pics, original advertisements, information and or Circuit Diagrams/Schematics for each particular brand. The Circuit Diagrams are all free to download and are in PDF format. There is also an online bookstore, links to Fresh to the Market Vintage Radios, all sorted by manufacturer and updated the minute they appear online.

Although mainly exhibiting valve radios from Australian manufacturers, we’ll include any radio, vintage Hi Fi equipment or valve Guitar Amplifiers from any country we feel are worthy of adding to a collection! In fact just about anything that reproduces sound that has a valve in it. Stay tuned as we add more names to the list on the left. Most definitely your  One Stop Old Radio/Vintage Hi Fi Shop !

One of the more common requests I receive is "How old is my Valve Radio?" There are now links in the pages to the left that will take you to PDF Files with Model Numbers and year of manufacture for each radio. All info is from the 1948 Mingay IF Index.

We now have over 1 Gigabyte of free Australian Vintage Radio schematics on this site to download. With no conditions!

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Due to the huge volume of requests for information on old radios and my inability to answer more than just a fraction of the questions, please visit our Facebook Page and post your queries and help requests there. And maybe help some of your fellow collectors out!

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09 Feb ’09.
Fada Section added.
STC Service data added
Slade Section added

10th. Feb.
Lekmek Circuit Diagrams added.

11th. Feb.
Palec Test Gear and AWA Radiola Sections added.

17th. Feb.
Sherwood Section added.

20th. Feb.
Kelvin, Maples Sections added.
Radiola and Air-Master updated.

24th. Feb.
Bookstore opened.
Tecnico & STC Sections updated.
Diamond Dot Section added.

2nd March
Lincolnola added and more Circuits in the Weldon section.

4th March
Repairing Your Radio And Fisk, The Man Behind the Badge Section added

6th March.
The 1950s
Mullard Cover Girls Series of Adverts added.

14th April
AWA Ugly Ducklings World Premiere!

13th May
Healing Circuits added.

16th May
Bell Section added.

2nd July
Ekco Radiolette & Tele-Verta images added

28th. Oct.
Tesla Section added

16th. Dec.
Teisco Guitar Amplifiers added.

  • Many Thanks to Scott Beveridge, AKA Rollerboy76 for several of the vintage radio images on this site, and also a big thank you to Neil of Grouse Guitars for the valve Guitar amplifier images. If its a valve guitar amp you are looking for then he’s your man!

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